Installation View



Invisible World

It happens in plain sight.

A slow motion triumph.

Sit still to see it.

A seed signals eternity

A shell is an ancient coin

A moth’s wing is a map 

A tree is a time machine

A warm wind will bring us magic 

And we are nothing but our breath

A Good Painting

The world shimmers 

Edges disapear 

Shadows painted in 

like a dark wet seal 

Artist’s Block

My little onion,

I keep peeling and peeling

No Time for Roses

I cannot paint you, pretty thing

It never comes out right

I’d rather paint the dandelions

And all the moths of night

Give me periwinkle shells

Give me common weeds

I’ll paint the little clovers

That grow in sidewalk seams

I’d rather paint the seaweed

Or the yarrow from the lawn

I’d rather make new beauty

Than copy that old song