Sketch of a Grassy Dune
  Study of a Horse Skull, Museum of Natural History, Halifax
  Study and notes of a Horse Skull and Corals, Museum of Natural History, Halifax
i dream B.jpeg
  Sketch of Imagined Shipwreck, pencil and ink. 
i dream A.jpeg
  Sable From the Air-First Impressions, pencil and ink. 
  Dunes and Hoofprints
  Marram Grass, Beach Pea, Sable Horses
  Seals Watching, North Beach
i dream page 1.jpeg
i dreamed 9.jpeg
  Main Station Kitchen, Sable Island
  Leaving the Island
  Remembering the Seals
  Seals in the Waves
sable 7.jpg
sable 4.jpg
  Horses Grazing, dung with mushrooms, crashing waves
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